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Experience Washington Island

Getting to Washington Island

All good stories begin with a passage and your great Washington Island adventure begins with a trip on the ferry. Your adventure must include either a place to stay on-island or confirming the ferry will be operating when you want to return. Check the schedule before buying tickets to a performance. Check the schedule before driving to the end of the peninsula.


Check. The. Schedule.

On-Island Accommodations

To really get away, you'll want to stay for a while. There's nothing like seeing the night sky without the interruption of city lights. To do that you'll need a place to stay. Follow this link to the accommodations page on the Island's Chamber of Commerce site.

Places to Stay - Hotel Washington
Things to Do On the Island

Beaches, dunes, kayaking, Rock Island, canoeing, The Red Barn, lavender fields, biking, Fair Isle Books, good coffee, swimming, music, music, music, art...a lot to do on a little Island. Follow this link to the Chamber home page to see the possibilities.

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