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For A Place Like TPAC

A Get Away Away.

Home to visual & performing artists

and rich Island artistic traditions.

The Red Barn serves as a sacred performing place.

Musicians gather to play

and try new stuff.

Fiber artists travel far to come here.

World class musicians & authors gather each year and call it a Festival.

All on this tiny island.

The Wilson and Carol Trueblood Performing Arts Center is a multi-purpose 253 seat theatre on Washington Island, Wisconsin. TPAC was made possible through the generous bequest of long-time summer residents Ruth and Wilson Trueblood, a gift of land and endowment funding from Arni and Mary Richter, and substantial support from the Washington Island Foundation and more than 800 individual, family and business volunteers and donors. TPAC is named in honor of Wilson and his daughter, Carol, and the performance space is named in honor of Mary Richter.

photography courtesy of kerri sherwood
Our Staff

Julian Hagen ~ Managing Director

Kate Hopkins ~ Assistant Managing Director

Kevin Jones ~ Sound Engineer

Tom Pratt  ~ Lighting Engineer

Dan Nelson ~ Facility Manager

Our Board

Mike Olson ~ President

Mike Gillespie ~ Vice President

Peter Marmaras ~ Treasurer

Betsy Wallman

Letha Heaton

Karen Marmaras

Mark Nerenhausen

Kathy Sparrenberger

Maureen Squire

Kimberly Toro